Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide housing and support services to Veterans on their journey to an empowered life.

What We Do
We honor those who serve in the military. When they have completed their service and made their often-painful sacrifices in defense of our freedoms and way of life, we believe it is our moral duty to continue to honor them for their service.
Homeless Veterans need an interwoven effort that provides a safety net of housing, meals, health care, substance abuse aftercare and mental health counseling. They also need job assessment, training and placement assistance. We offer a continuum of care that includes immediate and long-term housing, treatment and recovery for addiction, food, and clothing, as well as medical, counseling and job placement.
Our "Housing-First Model" provides the necessary supportive services (shelter, food, and clothing as well as access to their VA medical benefits by tracking and transporting the Veterans to the hospital for their appointments) that are critical to stabilization of all Veterans, but particularly those with PTSD & (TBI).

Our Vision is to end Veteran homelessness and returning the dignity of self sufficiency to every Veteran we serve.

About Our Wrap-Around Services >>

Since 2008, VEO has served more than two thousand homeless Veterans. Presently we are serving 75 unit-beds in our "Housing-First Model" with wrap-around services at no cost to the veterans who have no source of income upon entry.

For those who receive a fixed income such as VA benefits, SSI or SSDI, the agency offers an immediate and affordable housing option. Through multiple numbers of social services, VEO serves close to 400 homeless Veterans each year, taking them off the streets of Metro-Atlanta.

In addition to street outreach, we accept homeless Veterans through several partner referral services.

Our Long-Term Goals are to be, nationally recognized as one of the leaders in the fight against homelessness among Veterans, be part of the national effort by ending chronic homeless in the country, especially in Georgia, and continue to be one of the most successful organizations in the country serving homeless Veterans.